Solar Thermal: An Essential Renewable Resource

Solar Thermal is a renewable energy technology that converts sunlight into heat, unlike Solar PV which generates electricity from sunlight. Both heat and electricity are essential for modern societies to function and thrive. However in the U.S. the vast majority of sunlight which is harvested is converted into electricity. The rest of the world produces equal amounts of heat and electricity from the sun, a global recognition that 100% renewable societies are impossible without significant sources of renewable heat.

A Defining Question

“Is it possible to simultaneously foster an entire industry that employs the diverse communities it serves while making those same communities more resilient”? MMCISolar is exploring this question through an effort that combines both technology development and comprehensive workforce cultivation. With its headquarters in Oakland, CA, MMCISolar is committed to starting this journey here. In a city that is poised to lead in the deployment of community built renewable energy infrastructure.




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